photograpia | About
Sharon: Throughout my life, I've been very passionate about my art, exploring both fields of fine arts and graphic design.

At age 12, I pursued fine arts and music and, over the years, found the perfect medium for expression in photography. I took several classes in black-and-white film photography and continues to explore the world of the digerati, gamin in learning new techniques and stretching as far as imagination would allow.

My favorite subject? My 8, 12 and 16-year old children, who provide the kind of dynamism that has started to define my technique. Capturing important moments, my eye for detail transforms ordinary moments into magical instances, and inspiration is richly sourced from the fount that is my everyday walk and the people I so warmly meets

Gilbert: After years of taking pictures and dabbling with every type of photography there is…I became a dad. With a new sense of passion and a camera on hand, My life turned to a whole new direction and with that comes his love of photography. For me, it’s not about the pictures, it’s not just a job, it is also the drive for passion and the shoot experience.

My experience have been working with expecting moms and kids from birth to the teen years – it has been quite a challenge yet very rewarding. I am not easily satisfied with ordinary shots, every picture is an opportunity to become an art piece. Creativity and coming up with fresh and unique ways of delivering the final product is a goal that keeps me on his toes.